How best to use the map


  • if you have allowed your location to  be shown on your device the map will default to that


  • it is best to find an outlet by typing in the nearest town in the location box. The radius box can be changed to increase/decrease size of area around that town but that may mean that other outlets further away will not then show up 


  • if an outlet has been notified it will show up as an icon (the dragon means more than a 75% chance of speaking Welsh, the daffodil is 50-74% and the leek is 25-49%. Hover over it until the hand shape shows an index finger, then click for more into

  • click on the web link and this will take you to our page showing information on how good the site is in regard to its use of Welsh. The information is subjective but you can make your own comments in the comments box and give your own star rating for the use of Welsh